Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday

Last Saturday was a big day for Emery Kate Marable as she had a ballet/tap recital and it was her 4 year old birthday. Since they have thrown some whopper birthday parties in the past, Amy and Blake decided to just do a family party (with both sides that is not as simple as you might expect).

The recital was in a hall at SMU and was well done and very organized. The dance company is Christian and so all of the music was worship songs. Emery Kate looked so cute in her outfit and performed admirably.

The party was nice with lots of dips (Sudans of course) and Blake slow cooked a brisket. It was wonderful - Uncle Dan's has nothing on him. So fun to be with all of the kids and GKs except MB and Alex as well as Jason and Alex had to miss. The Marables are such wonderful hosts.

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Amy Marable said...

Thanks dad! We love hosting our family! Nothing better than that!
you got some cute pictures!