Sunday, April 3, 2011

Forever Friends

Larry and Ellen Forrester The girls - Cindy, Melinda, Luana, Peggy

The view from their back porch
On the boat
No this is not their lakehouse but a sampling of what is out there
"Hell's Gates"
Sunset on the lake

The past few weekends we have had the opportunity and privilege to spend time with old high school friends. A few weeks ago we were with my friends from Bellaire High School in Houston, Larry and Ellen Forrester. We had a blast and it was interesting in that this was the first time we had been down there and probably the first time we had gotten together with just the four of us - without any of the kids. We found that we still enjoy them even without kids.

Then this weekend we spent it with three of Luana's friends from W. T. White High School in Dallas and their husbands. We went to Possum Kingdom Lake where one of the couples has a lakehouse. It was a very nice time of relaxing and sharing and getting reaquainted - and doing a lot of eating. Unfortunately for me it was all foods that I am not supposed to eat, so I have a lot of repenting to do - but it sure tasted good. I had forgotten what a good charcoal grilled steak tasted like.

In all of this I was reminded that we maintain few of our college friendships and even fewer of our high school ones. But there is something special about getting together with people who knew you at that really awkward stage - and still like you. It is so different from a high school reunion in that we have maintained these relationships continually over the years. We have grown from immature kids to college grads to gettings married, and then have been able to watch each other's kids grow up, and them get married and now share grandkids stories. In addition and fortunately we not only have the past in common, but we have in common a relationship with Christ which adds another diminsion to our friendships.