Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas #1

This past Saturday we all gathered at our house to exchange gifts for Christmas. Only Mary Beth and Alejandra were not able to be here. It was crazy wild with 7 kids 5 and under but so much fun. I will let the pictures do the talking.
What an angelic face.

This was a new swing I had put up and it was an instant hit.

Lots of presents to open.

This little girl is OCD opening her gifts.

Blake and Molly

Alex- such a beautiful young lady - inside and out.

Little EK - our shy but sweet little girl.

What? How did Batman get here? aka Duncan

It is group tackling on the presents.

Jayden with his light saber

Sweet Barren.

Sweet craziness.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas cookies

 This weekend we had the annual Sudan cookie decorating contest. It was held at the Marable's house this year. As usual it was a fun time (as you can see the kids were even involved) and there was not any trash talking this year. We were sad that MB was sick and so she and Alejandro could not make it.
Getting the dough ready.

Sweet Barron did not know what all the fuss was about.
 Even Jordan got in the act this year.
 Luana is the official icing maker.
 Sweetness personafied.
 How can you say no to this guy?
 Such a pretty little girl.
 Emery Kate and Jayden hard at work.
 The eventual winner hard at work.
 Christy at work while trying to keep all her kids under control at the same time.
 Past champion hard at work on his legendary "Santa".
 Our hostess who did great despite being pregnant.
 Nothing attracts a little girl like a baby - Mollie, Hallie Jane and Campbell.
 The winners!!!
 The winning cookie!!!
 A glimpse of the other entries.
 Artie's christmas tree thematic cookie - with lights and ornaments.

The sad losers - but in reality at the cookie decorating contest there are no losers.