Sunday, February 26, 2012


About 6 weeks ago Luana and I came home to a bubbling brew from underneath our toilet. No it was not black gold or Texas tea, but more like black sewage, which is what it was. As we were trying to determine the source of the blockage, the ooze continued until it filled our bathroom and then started creeping through our bedroom. It was very much like a horror movie where the green glob creeps across your house, although this was not green, and it smelled like, well like what it was. We finally determined that the blackage was in the street in the city lines. But until then every time one of our neighbors flushed his toilet, more black glob creeping further into our bedroom. Fortunately the city guys came out at 9:00 that night (kudos to them) and had it unblocked in 30 minutes.
The next morning we called Speciality Restoration of Texas and they ripped up the carpet and turned on the fans and dryers. We moved upstairs as all of our furniture went into a trailer that sat in our driveway for 4 weeks. All of our belongings were either in the trailer or in one of 25 boxes (you don't realize how much stuff you have in your bedroom), and we were always trying to find things. After nearly a week of nonstop noise from the fans, that ceased and they determined that the sewage had ruined the tile in the bathroom and the cabinets, so all of that got ripped up as well as did the panelling and the lower foot of sheetrock in out whole bedroom. At this point our bedroom looked like it was totally gutted.
Then it was time to put things back together. They repaired the sheetrock and put up all new panelling and trim. We had to pick out new tile for the floor and bath as well as carpet and paint all in a couple of days. They then put in the tile and new cabinets, and lastly of course the carpet. All of this took about 5 weeks and we were really out of sorts, especially me who likes my order. But the workers really did a great job and the room looks great and we have moved back in and life is normal again. It is restored.