Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Road to Omaha

Not many of you know what CWS refers to but it is the baseball equivalent of the Final Four. And of all places it takes place every year in Omaha, Nebraska. I have been wanting to go for a long time and even had reservations 2 years ago, only to have to cancel due to some minor heart surgery. So this year Luana and I packed our bags and headed up I35 and drove the 700 miles to Omaha. We had a really fun time and watched a ton of baseball which for me is like heaven. Luana was a true trooper and did not complain at all. The city is awash in baseball for two weeks and it is a big part of their economy. The people in the city were very nice and we met a lot of people from all over the country and everyone was really nice. I guess baseball people are just like that.
The other thing we saw which was not related to baseball was the flooding. When you are from Texas, flooding is like another language but it is a serious problem there and they take it seriously. I did not realize that Omaha sits right on the Missouri River and it has beeen flooding big time. Our hotel was actually across the river to the east and actually in Iowa. I took some pictures of some of the flooding and levees so you can get the flavor.

The beach balls in the bleachers is a tradition at the CWS.

Sandbags filling in the levee where the train tracks go.

This stop sign speaks for itself.

The first floor of this parking garage was under water.

Submerged sidewalks and more sandbags.

Sandbags, levees and flooded areas.

Omaha really is a big city.

This was a wonderful pedestrian bridge near the park and over the Missouri River.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 4-5

The Ravenel Bridge View of the Charleston bay from the bridge

Lu and me at Magnolia

Magnolia plantation

Typical flat boat used to go from Magnolia to Charleston

Large cypress trees

Great blue heron

An alligator in the swamp

A green heron

A couple of snake birds on their nest

Oaks in Savannah

Small house in Savannah

A little park in the city

Old boat on the Savannah river

Sunday was a really fun day. We got up and took a long walk up to the Ravenel Bridge which is a two mile long, 200 foot high, 1/2 billion dollar bridge across the Cooper river and was right outside of our hotel. We took some pics from the top of course. Then we drove out to Magnolia Plantation. It is the backdrop for a lot of movies, including the Patriot. It is an incredible place. We got to tour the house and then their extensive gardens. Next we took a tram ride over the whole 500 acres with a guide telling us about the whole operation. Then we took a boat ride around the land and former rice fields. Lastly we took a walk through the swamps on a boardwalk. It was really neat with lots of alligators and shore birds such as herons.

On Monday we drove the two hours down to Savannah GA. It was very similar to Charleston but without the charm. We walked all around the city and down to the river and got a good feel of the old city. Then Tuesday morning we packed up to leave. Unfortunately our flight had been cancelled and we had to scramble to get home that day but we made it. All in all it was a great time for Luana and me. It was totally relaxing and we did not get tired of each other.