Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A table and a son

     One of the things that I like about the story of Jesus is that He was the son of a carpenter. Besides the fact that it is so down to earth, I can relate to Him in that way so much more since I too do carpentry, though not as a profession. It is much harder for me to relate to Him as my bridegroom even though it is certainly Biblical. Thus when I am sawing and sanding I can imagine Jesus holding the board for Joseph and Joseph showing how to do it.
     Well this past week I had the opportunity to show my own son how to do some carpentry. He wanted to make a table for his dining room and so his wife, Alex picked one out on an on line site and Jason came down and we got down to work. He is a quick learner and very good with his hands and I got to show him how to do some bisket joining, ripping, planing and a few other things. It was a blast to be able to work side by side with my son. He is truly a joy and blessing. By the way, the table turned out well as you can see.
     One last note is that he came down a week later to pick up the table and take it back to Dallas. While here he went out of his way to show his love to Luana by taking her on a date - out to eat and to a movie. She felt loved and special and i was blessed that he would do that for my wife.