Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An Early Start

This week the little Ogdens were in town and I took the opportunity to take Jayden and introduce him to the sport of hiking. We had done a little bit across the street from our house into the woods but this time I took him to the hills of Cameron Park. We took the MCC trail which is a good hilly 2 mile trail up to Lovers Leap. He did great and we got to see a lot of wildflowers and birds and then the beautiful overview of the Brazos River. It started getting dark so we took the shortcut home but he hiked a good hour and a half. He will be ready for a big hike by next year.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is an exciting time to be a Baylor athletics fan. For years we have been the doormat for other teams and now we are excelling in just about everything and people are starting to fear us. The Baylor Bear is no longer a teddy bear but the real North American Black bear. The girl's volleyball team made the NCAA tourney for the first time in years, the football team's record is well established along with the Heisman trophy, the men's BBall is ranked 11th nationally and the wonen's team is 34-0 and #1 in the nation. The softball team finished fourth in the country last year and is in the top 10 this year and the baseball team is #25. Track and field has always been strong and the tennis teams are #7 and #14.

So this past Sunday we had a game watching party at Blake and Amy's (who are wonderful hosts by the way).And though we lost the finals it was still a lot of fun. Let's hear a loud Sic Em Bears!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hallie's Dedication

This past Saturday, Jason and Alex organized a dedication service for their daughter, Hallie Jane who is 7 months old. Actually it was more of a commitment service for the parents in rearing her well, since their church, The Village Church, does not do baby dedications. It was an amazing service and was well organized and attended by all of her extended family.

First Jason read some scriptures and voiced his desire to rear her well and then Alex told a little about Hallie's incredible birth story. Then we all prayed for Hallie with prayers of declaration as to who she would become. She is going to become an amazing woman of God. Then we had food and lots of fellowship. All in all it was a grand time.