Thursday, May 31, 2012

Walking in the Woods One Day

Luana and i have started doing some Sunday evening hikes exploring the areas around Waco and have found some very nice places near us. The first week we went to the Waco wetlands which is just northwest of the lake. It is full of waterfowl and lots of other birds and tons of wildflowers. It was really nice.
Pickeral Rush - a bog plant
A heron

A swamp

My sweet wife who puts up with all of this.

Wildflowers - I'm not sure what this one is.

A turkey vulcher

Our heron in flight

Monday, May 28, 2012

Last One

     I am a little late but three weeks ago I gave my last daughter away and so I am finished with my job as a dad. I saw to it that they earned a college degree and they are all married and under someone else's covering. Of course I will always be their dad and they will occasionally ask for advice, but it is a different role. I am not sad about it as that is what I have wanted for all of my kids, and the new relationship is actually better than the old. At least it has been for me. But I thought I would write about some of my thoughts and feelings about giving the last one away.
     Mary Beth has always been unique among my children, as she did not follow the mold of the others. She is spunky, creative, argumentative at times, introspective, intelligent, passionate and so much more. She was so different that I had to learn how to parent all over again. I don't say this in a negative way, but a fun a learning experience kind of way. There were some rocky times along the way (and she would be the first to agree), but we worked those out and developed a very close relationship, one that I have enjoyed immensely. She has challenged me in many ways and made me a better person and certainly a better parent. So that is the background in which I was approaching the wedding. This was my third daughter and fourth child to marry off so I was not a novice.
     There is something of mixed emotions about finality. And so it was with me. I was excited for her and yet there was sadness, uncertainty and maybe even a little fear. My first concern was that she marry a strong believer who could lead her well and not be intimidated by her strong personality. I think she found that man in Alejandro. The more I have gotten to know him the more impressed I have become and he has pursued her well. But for me it has been different in that my other son-in-laws I had known for 10 years before they married my daughters and I knew their parents well. So there was some degree of apprehension. The other thing is that I knew that I would never be the main man in her life again. I would miss the sweet times we spent out on the front porch sitting in the rocking chairs just chatting about life. And with Mary Beth she told all so I never had to guess what she was feeling. I would miss the hikes we would do by ourselves. But the upside is so much better than all I will miss. I will get to watch her be a wife and hopefully someday be a mother. I have a new son-in-law who I can talk science with and stimulates me in new ways of thinking.
     So as to not make this too long, I will close by saying that I am excited about closing one chapter in my life and opening the door to another. Sorry that I do not have pics yet though you can get an idea by going to this site.!i=1864278677&k=nRRhNzg