Monday, May 26, 2008

Theological thoughts

Well now that the shock of me having a blog has passed, I will begin to reveal some of my latest thoughts. There are three things that have been on my heart lately.

The first is about the nature of God. It is my assertion that there are only two main things one needs to know about God and everything else flows out of that. The first is that He is powerful and the second is that He is good. His power means that He has the ability, the might and the authority to do what He says he will do. Because He is good then we can run to Him and not cower in fear.

The second comes from my dear friend Dave Mabry. There are four thing that really keep us from an intimate relationship with God. These are things that we may ascribe to intellectually but do not really believe them in our heart. The first is that we really do not see God as real. The second is that we do not understand the enormity of our sin. The third is that we do not really understand the depth of the love of God for us. Lastly, we do not really believe that God is able to do what He says He will do. Let those sink in and examine your heart and not your brain.

The third and last thing is also not new to me, but comes from Jonathon Edwards and probably others, but it is good to be reminded frequently. That is: What is the chief end of man? Or why in the world are we here? His answer from the Word is that we are to glorify (or worship) God and to enjoy Him forever. The last part is really tricky as we are to enjoy Him and not His creation, of gifts or works but Him alone. Is that where you are? I am not there yet but that is my goal.

So there you have my thoughts for the past few weeks. Let me know what you think.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

A new start

As I am old and this blog stuff is new to me, my first entry will be brief and hopefully I will add stuff as things go along. My wife and I are 53 and have four wonderful children, three son/daughter in laws and one really cute grandson.