Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yep, yesterday was the day that I turned 56. I am not much into birthdays but for the past 15 years or so I have spent mine alone as Luana and the kids have all been at Camp Ozark during that time and then even more lately with new grandkids. So this year was truly different as there was someone here to celebrate with me. It was really a fun day and then to cap it off we met my kids at Hillsboro for dinner tonight. Though it was my birthday, I felt the Lord wanted me to have a word for each of the kids (young adults). I thought I would go ahead and share those words on the blog. BTW I do not feel any older.

Christy - Discernment, especially in relational issues.
Light - many implications but certainly a light to help those she is involved with to see more clearly
Jordan - Learning, a real thirst for knowledge
Ice - as a councellor to cool the tensions between people and couples
Amy - Compassion, but with action
Vehicle - you will not be in the spotlight but will be used to help others do kingdom work
Blake - Wisdom, in so many areas and one who people go to for answers
Fire - which can be used for good or bad, and Satan will try to turn you but stay in the arms of Jesus and you will do great good
Jason - Observant, such an amazing gift
Encourager/sender - one who will not go but who will help to send people off
Alex - Justice, a desire to see the wrongs rightened
Child rearer - not just in the natural but one who will help kids in lots of hurting situations
Mary Beth - Passion, for so much of life
Word - not sure exactly what that refers to but possibly that the passion needs to be balanced with the Word"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Idaho - Day 3

After waking up from a night on the lake, we packed up our tents and backpacks and headed back down, making the 10 mile trek by 12:30. As we just retraced the same route ( since we could not go over the pass) it was not as awe inspiring as the day before, but certainly easier going down. At this point we got in the car and headed down Hwy 75 through the Salmon river valley with beautiful mountains on both sides and the river right beside us. Not a bad drive! We had lunch at Ketchum near Sun Valley and then over the pass and to I84 and back to Boise. I must say that the southern part of Idaho along I84 is nothing to brag about, looking more like west Texas than anything else. Of note we only saw 1 or 2 fields of potatos. I don't know where they hide them. I believe they just want us to think that that is all there is there. All in all it was a short but great trip and we would love to go back and take the whole family.

Idaho - Day 3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Idaho - 2

Day 2 - we woke up the next day and walked the rest of the way to Imogene Lake (about 7 miles and 1200 ft. elevation. half way there we saw Hell's Roaring Lake which was nice in itself. We got to the end and were wanting to go over Imogene Pass but there was too much snow so we set up our tents on a point out on the lake and then went exploring. There was another smaller lake further up and a nice waterfall. it was so relaxing as we got to read and relax and we just talked for hours. Jason is such an amazing young man and so much fun to be with and to talk to and I am so proud of him.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Why in the world would anyone want to go to Idaho you may ask. I did as well until this past week. It is a hidden gem. Yes the southwest part is dry and flat and looks like west Texas, but the mountains in the rest of the state are awesome. This past week Jason and I travelled there to hike and camp in the Sawtooth mountains near Stanley, Idaho (Pop. 100). I will divide the blog into three parts to show more pics in total. It will be hard to narrow them down.

The first day we flew into Boise ( think blue football field) and then drove the 4 hours to Stanley where we stayed in a lodge with beautiful views of the Sawtooths and the Salmon river. The next morning we drove to the Sawtooth Lake trailhead and walked up the 5 miles and 1600 feet elevation to a beautiful alpine lake. They had had a lot of snow this year and parts of the trails were closed. We actually had to traverse large snowfields to get there and the lake was still 2/3 ice but was still well worth it. Then we walked back down and started on another trail up to lake Imogene. About 3 miles in we stopped and set up camp and had a great night except for the mosquitos and the 36 degree temp.