Friday, May 10, 2013

A night at the Ballpark


Last week I had the opportunity to watch my 4 grandkids of the Ogdens (Christy and Jordan). Luana was in Dallas with other GK duties so I was by myself. It was also the last weekend Baylor baseball series and we were playing Texas so I tried to accomplish two things at once. I took all 4 of them to the baseball game. We had a big time and sat in the stands for the first 4 innings and then moved over to the berm for the last 5. We even stayed late to watch the fireworks display after the game. All went well except when Campbell had to go tinkle and I had to load up all of the to go with us. Then an hour later she had to go again. We ate some hot dogs and popcorn and then topped it off with sno-cones. Barron was good but kept wanting to crawl down the berm which he finally did and made friends with a couple of freshman coeds - they kept each other entertained for 1-2 innings.

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ellen said...

You are a wonderful brave, grandfather, but don't you know that girls always go back to the bathroom an hour later!Ha!