Monday, May 6, 2013

A Sunday stroll

I have been negligent in blogging so I am trying to get back in it. Last year until it got too hot and then the days too short, Luana and I took Sunday afternoon strolls exploring the various areas in and around Waco. We decided to revive this practice so we went out on our first trip of this year as we headed to the Waco wetlands - this is an area northwest of Lake Waco in the watershed area of the lake. It is home to innumerable birds, bog plants, beautiful sights and sounds. It is also home to solitude as we were the only people there. Here are some of the pics. It was a fun time.
A heron

Pickeral rush


Masses of birds

A red winged blackbird

Every few steps flocks of these would rise from the grasses.

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